What matters most – to your employees?

Most of us have dreams and goals in life beyond just saving for retirement.

We know this because here at Voya, we take the time to understand what people, including your participants, want beyond retirement goals. Through our proprietary research and behavioral finance insights, we have learned there are specific topics that people have said they want to know more about. We also know many of us have competing financial priorities and when people set goals and prioritize reasons for saving - they are more likely to meet their savings goals.

What is in it for you?

As part of our unique participant experience, we provide financial topics in simple language to help improve people’s knowledge of finances and overall sense of well-being. Our research has shown that employees look to employers as a trusted source of information. When employees are financially well, they are more likely to increase contributions to their employer plan and overall savings. Employers can benefit tremendously through better productivity, retention and plan health.

Help your employees plan, prioritize and save for the things that matter most

That is why we have created the Save for What Matters Most campaign. This useful content will promote retirement and other savings goals and is intended to launch during the week of February 26 for America Saves Week, an annual collaborative effort by educational and business entities to encourage good savings behavior and help Americans save more.

We’ve got this

The centerpiece of this campaign is our microsite where participants can watch a video about prioritizing savings goals and targeted articles on specific savings goals such as saving for a house, saving for college, paying down debt, etc. Check out the site and talk to your Voya Relationship Manager to learn more about how you can encourage your employees to save for what matters most.

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