healthcare heroes

Your nurses are on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis.

This Nurses Week – now more than ever – we thank them for all they do.

These are unprecedented times in health care. The COVID-19 pandemic is overwhelming and scary, and we salute your nurses, physicians and hospital staff who have sacrificed their own health and time with their families to protect and care for those most vulnerable. In honor of National Nurses Week, we would like to thank nurses and health care professionals for the knowledge, dedication and compassion they bring to help ensure quality care and make a difference in their patients’ lives. They are our health care heroes.

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To show our appreciation for the nearly four million registered nurses in the U.S., a handful of Voya employees participated in a video to celebrate National Nurses Week by sharing their stories of the many ways nurses have positively impacted their lives.


The COVID-19 pandemic is heightening the financial stress employees experience every day. It will be increasingly important for health care plan sponsors to focus on the holistic wellness of your frontline health care heroes. Based on findings from the Voya 2019 health care report, learn in our new insight how health care organizations can offer a financial wellness program to help alleviate workplace stressors.