Voya Learn

Introducing Voya Learn: virtual, on-demand retirement planning

24/7 digital access where personal training meets retirement planning for your work-at-home employees

Voya Learn is the latest innovation and addition to Voya’s employee education program. It is designed to provide 24/7 digital access to digestible financial education that can help individuals make better retirement planning decisions and help them achieve overall financial wellness, even when they are working from home.

Specifically, Voya Learn provides access to both live and on-demand learning about important financial wellness and retirement topics including: the benefits of participating in an employer sponsored plan, budgeting, investing basics, and retirement income planning, to name a few. Both the live and on-demand sessions are led by Voya’s “retirement champions” with strong knowledge in a variety of financial wellness topics.

Voya's Retirement Education Specialists

As a retirement plan sponsor, one of your primary responsibilities is to provide ongoing education to your employees. When you work with Voya, you have access to a variety of educational content available in multiple formats. Our Retirement Education Specialists can help you to better engage and help your employees see the value of the retirement benefit you provide. 

Whether on-site (on-site sessions may be provided for 15 or more attendees.) at your location, or streamed in “live” by Voya, our Specialist led meetings are lively, interactive, and are designed to motivate your employees to take action.  In addition, our stream of on-demand and virtual “live” sessions scheduled content covering various retirement savings topics is always available for your employees to access at their convenience 24/7.

Voya Learn - Live or On-Demand



Voya’s holistic participant education offerings can help your employees see the value of your plan, encourage action, and inspire them to commit to a long-term retirement savings plan.

See for yourself at Voya.com/VoyaLearn.

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