Cybersecurity and fraud prevention in the digital age

Webcast replay

With cyberattacks on the rise, national awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and fraud prevention continues to increase. Learn from Voya’s cybersecurity expert, Raj Badhwar, how to protect your technology systems, company data, and sensitive information.

You’ll also hear about Voya’s approach and commitment to safeguarding employee information from Charlie Nelson, Vice Chairman and Chief Growth Officer, and Mona Zielke, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Client Services and Claims.

Recorded from our LIVE webcast, Sept. 8, 2021


Featured speakers:

  • Charlie Nelson, Vice Chairman & Chief Growth Officer, Voya Financial
  • Raj Badhwar, Chief Information Security Officer, Voya Financial
  • Mona Zielke, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Client Services and Claims, Voya Financial

Moderated by:

  • Bill Harmon, Chief Client Officer, Voya Financial

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