Infographic: Insights into employee enrollment preferences

Recent research from Voya dug into what mattered most to employees during their most recent enrollment season. Apply these insights to your organization's next enrollment plan.


Text summary of infographic (for screen reader accessibility):

How , What, When: Insights into employee enrollment preferences

Enrollment season can be a tricky time of year. Employees can be overwhelmed by the amount of information to review, and within a limited window in which to make key decisions for the coming year.   

With that in mind, Voya conducted an online survey of 500 U.S. benefits-eligible employees shortly after the 2021 open enrollment period. The results offer insight into the enrollment experience and what employees found most helpful when making decisions and enrolling in benefits. 

Here are a few of the highlights:

Overall, employees found the act of enrolling during the 2021 benefits season to be easy and streamlined. More than 8-in-10 employees agreed, “The process to complete my most recent enrollment was easy.” and “The process to review and enroll in voluntary benefits was straightforward.”

Some employees experienced more frustration than others. 21% of women and 13% of men disagreed with “I knew who to contact if I didn’t understand benefits offered or had a question." 32% of Black/African American employees    and 20% of White employees agreed with “The benefits enrollment process was painful.”

The majority spent a limited amount of time preparing 
•    57% spend two hours or less preparing for open enrollment
•    9% didn’t prepare at all

More than half (53%) wish the enrollment period was longer; many would also like information outside of enrollment season. Almost 7-in-10 employees would like their employer to provide information to help better understand benefits outside of enrollment.

When asked to identify which resources mattered most to them during enrollment, these were most popular:

  • 89% - Benefits online portal
  • 85% - Benefits guide/booklet

Still, when it comes to benefits, many employees simply set-and-forget. 77% of employees chose the same benefits as the previous year.

The need for communication continues after enrollment. About 8 in 10 indicate they’d like additional information from their insurance carrier after they enroll.

The notifications they said they’d like to receive most were:
#1 - Changes in their benefits/coverages
#2 - When/how to file a claim
#3 - A welcome packet

Digital channels were the most preferred ways receive insurance carrier information:

  • 44% would like to receive information from insurance carrier via email
  • 21% by insurance carrier website
  • 21% by mail
  • 9% in-person
  • 4% via educational video 

From customized microsites and decision support tools, to ongoing communications campaigns that keep benefits top-of-mind, Voya Employee Benefits has the tools you need to successfully support your enrollment season. Contact your Voya representative to learn more. 

SOURCE: Voya Consumer Insights & Research Team. Nationally-representative survey of 500 employed U.S. consumers aged 18-64; survey took place in March 2021.