State of the States: Recent changes in state-mandated disability insurance and paid family leave

Stay up-to-date with our reader-friendly summary of new legislation related to state-specific short-term disability (STD), paid family leave (PFL) and paid family and medical leave (PFML) programs.

Whether a state provides or requires employers to provide short-term disability insurance, or if they have chosen to combine their state-mandated short-term disability insurance with a paid family leave program to create a Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) program, we have created a reader-friendly summary that allows you to identify new legislation by state quickly.

Below is an example of one noteable change. Read the rest of the State of the States overview here.

Last fall, voters in Colorado voted in favor of Proposition 118, which created a Paid Family and Medical Leave Program in the state. This became effective in January; an overview is included in this edition.

Other states throughout the overview have been updated to reflect information for 2021, such as benefit amounts, funding, duration, and important dates.

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