Voya’s James Nichols featured in MarketWatch

Nichols explains what your finances should look like in your 60’s

James Nichols, who leads Voya’s Customer Solutions Group (CSG), was recently quoted by reporter Ali Malito in the “Money Milestones” series on MarketWatch. This marks the second time Nichols has been quoted in MarketWatch. Centered on what your finances should look like in your 60’s, Nichols provides some background on the average retirement age in the U.S. and why it has increased over the past several years. He explains:

“The landscape of the retirement years has changed as well — traditionally, you would expect most people to retire between 62 and 65 years old, but these days people are working through those years, said James Nichols, head of consumer solutions group at New York-based financial services firm Voya Financial. Sometimes, that’s because they never had the opportunity to save for retirement when they were younger. Women age 65 and older are perhaps most susceptible to this predicament, Department of Labor data shows.”

The article also highlights the importance of calculating healthcare costs into retirement planning, which Nichols mentioned in previous interviews. Nichols was also quoted in Ali’s last “Money Milestones” piece for 50-year-olds. Voya’s inclusion in these pieces positions our company and experts as a trusted source for retirement advice.