Simply delicious retirement planning solutions

Our latest Orange-Aid campaign is designed to help participants think about the steps they can take today to improve retirement outcomes.

We get it. Sometimes financial wellness and retirement planning topics can be confusing even for the savviest individual. We’ve found, however, that everything goes down better with a tasty glass of Orange-Aid served by retirement-planning fifth grader, Savannah.

On a beautiful day in the park, Savannah sets up her very own Orange-Aid stand. In addition to quenching her customers’ thirst for a tasty beverage, Savannah serves up simplified financial wellness solutions to her customers on a variety of topics, including:

  • Special needs financial planning
  • Supplemental savings plans
  • Consistency in investing
  • Life insurance
  • Employee benefits
  • Annuities

Savannah and her Orange-Aid stand are designed to prompt your employees to think about the steps they can take today to help create the future in retirement they envision. So, the next time an employee asks you about any of the topics Savannah covered in the video, pull up a comfy chair and press play to serve a refreshing dose of Orange-Aid.

See how Savannah and her Orange-Aid stand simplify retirement planning topics. 

Reach out to your Voya representative to learn more.