E.g., 02/17/2019
E.g., 02/17/2019
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For most people, retirement is the opportunity to focus on the things that matter and according to a recent study via Voya’s Online Community, how participants visualize retirement vs. retirement planning differs significantly.
While saving for retirement is a long, multi-faceted journey, it’s rarely revisited after the enrollment stage. As an example, let’s say you have an employee who automatically enrolled 4 years ago, spending less than 5 minutes in the process. She never returns to the participant website to reconsider her decision, despite major life changes including getting married and getting a promotion.
When it comes to helping your employees stay on the right track towards retirement, there are common misconceptions that can prevent plan sponsors from taking action. One of the biggest questions is “how can we help employees from the start and course correct along the way?”